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Speculative Fiction is a genre of fiction that encompasses works in which the setting is other than the real world, involving supernaturalfuturistic, or other imagined elements.

Source: Oxford Dictionary

About The Program

Expressions of interest are now open for Fundamentals of Spec Fiction.

Join 5 peer-led workshops to hone writing skills and expand your knowledge of the fundamentals of speculative fiction. Culminating in a collaborative publication, inspired by the Warrumbungles magnificent dark skies. 


Participation Fee: $50 (Please note limited to 10 Participants)

Who: For 18+ interested in developing your writing skills

When: 5:30 to 7:30 Wednesday 17th July (then fortnightly with the same day and time for 4 more workshops)

Where: SPACE, 41 Dalgarno st, Coonabarabran

This project is one of a series of successful 2024 Orana Arts CASP Grant.

If YOU can aim to commit to all 5 sessions and be prepared to contribute to the collaborative publication then please send your expression to the Peer Led Facilitator Kyro via this button. Feel free to also contact Kyro if you have any questions.

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Goals of the Workshops

The project aims to revitalise the creative writing community in Coonabarabran by fostering a collaborative atmosphere that empowers local writers. Through five peer-led workshops, participants will delve into the essentials of creative writing, guided by a hands-on, discussion-centric adult learning model. 


The workshops will leverage the allure of speculative fiction to provide a thematic backbone, enriched by insights from established authors that will be linked into the workshops through virtual online connections and in-person Q&A’s. The theme of speculative fiction links well with the region being well known for the Warrumbungle Dark Sky Park, the Dark Sky Awakens Sci-fi Festival and as the Astronomical Capital of Australia.


To reinforce the workshop learnings, participants will engage in writing challenges at home, further honing their skills. The culmination of this project will be a publication showcasing selected pieces from these challenges, accessible both in print and digitally, thus immortalising the participants' efforts and inspiring further literary endeavours within the community. 


Additionally, the Coonabarabran Times have agreed to facilitate a science fiction short story contest, inviting wider community participation and offering publication as a prize, thereby magnifying the project's impact. 


This initiative not only aims to rekindle a once-thriving writers' group but also to explore sustainable creative writing ventures for the future, addressing the stark lack of resources for writers in the region. The project stands as a beacon of encouragement, urging writers to weave their narratives and enrich the tapestry of regional literature.

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Time spent in Workshops

5 fortnightly workshops, with each two hour session divided between;

  •  Hands on learning of the fundamentals of fiction.

  • Fortnightly short story challenges that we’ll work on in each session and at home. Using those we’ll assemble a spec fiction book inspired by the magnificent Warrumbungle dark skies. It’ll be published and distributed to the group, and locally it’ll be available to buy. (with all proceedings going to charity)

  • Each session will include Virtual or in-person Q&A’s with published authors (mostly Spec Fiction authors)  

Surreal World

CASP is an annual small grants program funded by Create NSW and managed by the Regional Arts Development Organisations (RADOs). CASP Grants are for artists, non-profit organisations and community groups across regional NSW interested in investing in their practice or interested in investing in regional artists.

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2357 Development Group are proud to support this project via our website

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