2357 Partnerships

Skyward Bound

2357 Partnerships is an independent volunteer community entity which is seed funded by the Warrumbungle Shire Council. The committee is comprised of 10 community members and engages an Independent contractor as a Community Development Coordinator (CDC) to supply services for 10 hours a week.  

Aims of 2357 Partnerships :

1. Foster resilience & sustainability within the communities

2. Practice & promote co-operation in the community

3. Promote the cultural, social & economic wellbeing of citizens and community as a whole

4. Develop a common purpose through the creation & fostering of partnerships

5. Enable improved communication between individuals, groups, organisation & agencies

6. Be an umbrella organisation for local community groups. This may include assisting to source funds, being an auspicing body for funding, arranging insurance cover and other services that require action by an incorporated not-for-profit body

7. Support cooperative community cultural planning. This may include sharing resources, arranging a shared calendar of events & promoting sharing of information

Geographic Area of Activities

1. 2357 partnerships will operate across the area with postcode 2357 centred on the town of Coonabarabran. This includes the villages and locations of Bugaldie, Rocky Glen, Warkton, Ulamambri & Purlewaugh and surrounding area

2 Areas adjacent to the 2357 postcode area may be included at the request of residents if they regard Coonabarabran as their social centre.

Email: secretary2357@gmail.com

Steve, Julie & Lynda 2357 Executive at S

Steve, Julie & Lynda 2357 Executive at S

2357 Partnerships Inc. Committee

2357 Partnerships Inc. Committee

Members of the 2357 Partnerships Inc. in front of the 2357 Space Mural.

Committee members for 2019 Steve Turner (Chair), Lynda Row (Secretary), Julie Shinton (Treasurer),  Zoe Holcombe and Kodi Brady, 


2357 Partnerships - Making A Difference

Hands on Deck

Assisting with Grant Applications

Fostering sustainability & growth

At 2357 Partnerships our focus is on assisting and empowering community groups to source and apply for grants, rather than actually doing the grant applications. At times we host workshops.

Vivian at the 2WCRFM Radio studio

Networking our Community

Improving communication

2357 Partnerships is looking at a multi-pronged strategy to improve communications.

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Exciting Events

Discover what's on in our community

Coonabarabran and surrounds is hosting a variety of exciting events connecting YOU to the awesome Warrumbungle Dark Sky Park and the many beautiful aspects of nature the Warrumbungle Shire has to offer.
We are a community that offers many aspects of the outdoors and we invite you to come and join us!