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Youth get Connected across the Warrumbungle Shire!

In February students from all 11 schools of the Warrumbungle Shire are Getting ‘Connected’ through workshops across 5 days led by experienced facilitator, Az Hamilton, from “Just Motivation”.


The workshops focused on encouraging students to recognise connection and communication beyond surface level interactions. To do this they engaged in relationship building activities promoting inclusivity, and play a leading role in a community-wide social initiative.


Known as the ‘World’s Largest Game of TAG You’re It!” our young people were shown how to intentionally look for ways to be generous in their community, undertaking ‘TAG’s’ (Timely Acts of Generosity).


The workshops have been funded under the NSW Government’s Children and Young People Wellbeing Recovery Initiative.


2357 Development Group Incorporated committee are delighted that every school in the 6 towns across the Warrumbungle Shire were connecting youth with those from other schools and communities.”


The workshops were aimed at encouraging and supporting the students to feel comfortable to engage with new people within their community.

The project is a fast-track restorative program for students who have missed critical developmental stages in relationship building, resilience and recovery. This is due to being isolated (geographically and as a result of Covid-19), and disconnected from peers during this period of community and social disruption.

Many students have missed out on critical development opportunities like school camps, sports days and excursions, leaving many young people feeling socially isolated and with few meaningful connections. It is these meaningful connections and friendships which equip our youth with the ability to recover from adverse events, and give them the confidence to reach out to their community for support.

“By allowing students to share their stories and build deeper connections with each other

they’ll be encouraged to know they’re not alone in their experiences faced over recent years. We are aiming to give students a vision of a better, and more connected world, where they are able to see the value of themselves.” said workshop facilitator Az Hamilton.


The ‘TAG You’re It’ element of the workshops gives youth a chance to practise what they have learnt, and to build connections. “These TAGs could be anything from helping mum with the dishes at home, mowing a neighbour's lawn or helping another young person with an errand. The young person playing the game is encouraged to pass on their “TAG You’re it!” armband to the recipient of the generous deed, who wears it until they too can keep the game moving by TAGging someone else.” said Az Hamilton.


“We are especially looking forward to seeing the ripple effect of these workshops across the Warrumbungle Shire as our youth lead the way in Timely Acts of Generosity. With each workshop, there will be different coloured ‘TAG you're it’ wristbands. So in effect, we will have a rainbow of goodwill spreading across the Warrumbungle Shire and that to me is very exciting”  said Vivian.

We are continuing to add photos and comments from the workshops as we receive permissions to use them. If you receive a TAG You're It arm band along with an act of generosity we encourage you to post your story on social media and add the hash tag #TAGYI 

Schools involved:

  • Baradine Central School

  • Binnaway Central School

  • Coolah Central School

  • Coonabarabran Public School

  • Coonabarabran High School

  • Dunedoo Central School

  • Mendooran Central School 

  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Coolah

  • St John's Catholic Primary School Baradine

  • St Lawrence’s Primary Catholic School Coonabarabran

  • St Michael's Catholic Primary School Dunedoo

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