Mindfulness Meditation with Margaret Butler

Welcome to Mindfulness Meditation sessions presented by Margaret Butler. 


In each session Margaret will share tips and strategies to help us learn to develop mindfulness so we can help ourselves to improve our wellbeing in an ever changing world.


This series will be 10 in total and it has been created to be played in sequence as Margaret shares skills that build on each other. A session will be released each Thursday at 9am AEST with the first session being released May 7th 2020.


You are encouraged to apply the skills and tips for the week following your participation in each video.

Additional resources will be added to this page as the program progresses.

This project is funded by Red Cross Australia.

Session 1 Mindfulness Meditation

In Session 1 Margaret explains mindfulness and how to incorporate mindfulness in every day life and leads us in a brief meditation.

 Premiered 9am AEST 7th May 2020.

Session 2 Mindfulness Meditation

In Session 2 Margaret explains the stress response and the relaxation response in relation to the impact they have on our body. She reviews some features from session 1 and leads us through 3 short meditation sessions so you will come away feeling more informed and relaxed, ready to apply short, mindful activities through your daily activities.

Premiered 14th May 2020.

Session 3 Mindfulness Meditation

In Session 3 Margaret is focusing on Sleep - with practical strategies to set yourself up for better sleep and leads us through an extended meditation. 

(To be premiered 9am Thursday 21st May, 2020. AEST)

Session 4

In Session 4 of Mindfulness Meditation Margaret discusses stillness and leads us in an extended meditation.

This session will Premiere on Youtube Thursday 9am 28th May, 2020.

Thanks & Acknowledgements

It takes a number of players to make resources like this happen and we would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to the following people:


Thanks to Margaret Butler for her expertise,  her calming and informative presentations and willingness to step into the online world taking on technical challenges to continue a project which was initially to be delivered in person.


Thanks to Red Cross Australia for funding this project and supporting so positively the strategy to change delivery to  meet  present requirements. 


Thanks to the Rural Resilience Program for facilitating the project and pivoting to think how best to support our community with changing circumstances.


Thanks to the Baradine Progress Association for enabling the management of the funding.


Thanks to 2357 Partnerships Inc. for hosting the resources and videos on the Coonabarabran Community hub website www.2357.org.au/mindfulness 


Thanks to Vivian Evans from www.DarkSkyInnovations.com.au for the online support, recording and editing to enable this digital version of Mindful Meditation to happen.


Importantly a big Thank you to all who watch our videos and engage in mindfulness.



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