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2357 Development Group Inc. is focused on supporting our community to secure external funds to enable projects and events to enhance our community. 


We offer this support in a variety of ways.


We are focused on supporting and importantly empowering members of community groups to be ready for and to apply for upcoming grant or fund raising opportunities. 


Grants and fundraising opportunities come about at various times. Each of them has their own priorities and requirements. 2357 Development group is here to support you to find the appropriate grant for your needs and to be prepared for when that grant appears.


Rather than jumping as a grant appears we want you to prepare to be what is often termed  ‘shovel ready’ or ‘shelf ready.  Helping your team to be pre-prepared with the project descriptions, details, costings and quotes for projects you want to achieve. All ready for some quick editing to fit into a grant opportunity when it appears.

Quick tips to get your group started
  • Contact our Community Development Coordinator so we know what you are seeking assistance for.  Call Vivian 0429 424 335

  • Follow us on Facebook for alerts on potential grants

  • Join one of our upcoming Grant Preparation Workshops

Upcoming Grant Preparation Workshops
Grant Prep Workshops August 2.png
Grant Preparation Workshop: 3pm - 4:30pm of August 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
Please note workshop numbers are limited

What’s involved:

In these small group workshops Vivian Evans, the 2357 Devt. Group CDC, will take you through setting up a shared grants folder within Google Drive for your community group.

Practical hands on tips on how to prepare and apply for a grant.

What information to gather, how to work with others through the google platform

In the workshop you will actually draft a document in preparation for an upcoming grant (Your organisation can choose to actually go through the process of the grant application or not)


What do you need to bring:

One or two members from your community group

A laptop, if you have one, or we can arrange to supply you with one for the workshop.

A gmail account - we can sort this at the workshop if you don’t

Pen and paper/or notebook

Ideas for what you would like to get a grant/funding for.

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