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Getting the info out re your event

Tips & Tricks

It can be tricky to get info about your event to the community... there are so many varied ways people consume information. So if you want people to know about it you need to cover as many bases as possible. Here are some good sources and contacts.

TIP #1 Create a poster print a few copies & distribute around town to the usual places you see posters. e.g.Library, bakery, IGA notice board, Visitors info Centre & more. 

TIP #2 Add an event to Facebook Why not ask 2357 Partnerships to partner with the promotion or any other organisation who is happy to cohost. Utilise a free membership of to create an image/poster to go with your post. Use the local hash tag #ILoveCoonabarabran so you can connect with all the other Coona images & links.

TIP #3 Email your event info to so that your event can be added to the 'What's On Calendar'

TIP #4 Register your event  to the Warrumbungle Shire website. This is perfect for events that tourists will be keen to be a part of. Events that occur annually will get picked up by Destination NSW to draw on the wider audience! Register your event via the Warrumbungle Shire Events page

TIP #5 Get your event on the radio airwaves A great way to get your info out and about is to get the details to our local community radio team 2WCRFM. 

You can purchase paid air time but if you are a NFP community organisation or hosting a free event then the team can read your event out on the daily community announcements. If you are up for a chat Rob Dean likes to interview people on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Drop your clear details of the What, Where, When & Who to the 2WCRFM studio letter box - Drop into the Showgrounds opposite the Coona Bowling Club and veer left. See house on the grounds with the big 2WCRFM sign.

Contact: (02) 6842 5262  They have a website being launched soon!

2WCR 99.5 FM header

TIP #6 Chat to the team at the Coona Times A great way to spread the word... pay for an advert maybe ad a story to go with it!  See the Coona Times team contact details on

or phone 02 6842 1844

Coona Times promo.jpg

This list isn't exhaustive or perfect so share with us a tip if you have one. Follow the button and email us so we can improve our page of tips! Thanks in advance!

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